Wall Design Services

Stamped Plans

We have staff registered in the six states of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida, and have designed segmental retaining walls in all of these states. Our design submittals are made up of

  • basic installation notes and detail drawings.
  • elevation view of the wall face and the type and placement of reinforcing geogrid.
    See segmental retaining walls for more information on geogrid.

Electronic and/or paper copies of our design drawings, stamped by a registered Professional Engineer, are included with the cost of the wall design. Cost of the design is typically based on the square footage of the wall face.

What We Look For

We look for the following information when designing a retaining wall:

  • proposed site plan with existing and proposed contours in the wall area (Required).
  • existing site soils information, usually a geotechnical report, if available. Test pit logs and borings are also helpful.
  • information on the type of soil being proposed for use as backfill.
  • any other information which might be pertinent to the wall design or installation, such as wetlands lines.

Other Considerations

We do provide global stability analysis on a limited basis. We highly recommend that global stability analyses, if required, be performed by a qualified geotechnical engineer, preferably the firm that provided the on-site soils investigation. Their familiarity with the site soils provides a better base for the input data required for a global stability analysis.

Consider Us

Earth-reinforced segmental retaining walls can save your client site development costs, are easy to install and provide an aesthetically pleasing retaining wall. Contact us if we can be of service to your project.